Metanoia bags don't just look good to wear, they feel good to make.

Metanoia(met-uh-noi-ah) translates to mean a profound, usually spiritual, transformation or conversion. The process of journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life. Our creative

interpretation of metanoia is expressed by reimagining vintage leather jackets into modern, effortless, handcrafted bags.

Every Metanoia bag is one of a kind and utterly unique.

Metanoia bags are handcrafted from vintage leather, lined with pinstripe cotton, and embellished with laser-cut forms of timber veneer and acrylic. Our bag straps are created from industrial waste from a local high-end bootmaker. This means every single bag is individually designed and created, and no two bags are ever the same.

Metanoia bags are slow-made and well-considered.

By breathing new life into vintage pieces, we support local businesses and nurture personal relationships with our suppliers of labour and charities for raw materials.

Motivated by principles of conscious consuming, our production process takes time. Every piece is handcrafted to include the unique characteristics of the materials we use.

About the Artist

Introducing Tina, the creative powerhouse behind Metanoia. A creative, passionate and resilient designer, Tina has been handcrafting leather bags for more than two decades.Tina started her creative career in visual marketing and advertising. After extensive overseas adventures through Africa, Europe and India, Tina returned to Australia with a burning ambition to create products of her own. Finding her medium of leather and suede, nestled in the womb of Urban Cow Studio in Adelaide, Tina launched her previous successful label Persuede in 2001. Relocating to Sydney, Tina established wholesale relationships with galleries and boutiques Australia-wide. She also held a coveted spot at the weekly Paddington Market in Oxford Street, Sydney’s original art and craft market renowned for supporting and launching emerging Australian designers. Tina’s designs continue to reflect the influence of art, music, design, iconic individuality and her own personal style, but she was ready for her work to reflect her values more holistically. It was time to re-imagine the direction of her business, and launch a new label…Always a lover of vintage style, Tina’s design philosophy is now deeply imbued with concepts including mindful consumption, sustainability awareness, and role modelling an alternative to fast fashion for her daughters.It’s time to re-imagine what we have going forward.It’s time for Metanoia.