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METANoIA - Rebels with a Cause -

Rebels with a Cause

Every new fashion is a form of rebellion. Beyond helping us express our identity, clothing has a history of being used by marginalised groups as a signal of resistance. Fashion has long been used to signpost interests, social groups and subcultures. Karl Marx defined fashion as a form of ‘social hieroglyphs’ that conveyed information about wealth, education, employment, social status and origins. While current fashion now blurs these conspicuous lines, rebellion in fashion is a constant theme.
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Rustic vintage style image of wooden box with cotton reels inside.

A Bag Full of Memories. We are what we wear... and what we wore.

The clothes we wear and have worn throughout our lives, provide more than just a visual snapshot of an era. Regardless of fashions and trends, certain items of clothing are ingrained in our memory and are woven full of recollections of a moment, a day, or perhaps an entire phase of our life.

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them. -Marc Jacobs

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Vintage store colourful patterned clothing racks

Shop Your Wardrobe + Add Your Own Spin

There are so many reasons to buy new clothing and accessories, and we all have the same justifications to a greater or lesser degree. Some of these might sound familiar? You are going to a party/wedding/event and need to find a suitable outfit, it’s winter so you want new boots for work, your favourite store or label has a sale (“half price!”) you see an appealing image that you want to recreate, you had a long week and want to treat yourself, …and so on. But often the desire to buy something new is because you feel like you wear...

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METANoIA - Necessity is the Mother of Invention -

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The transformation of our own mindset, our own metanoia, to appreciate the history and stories of every piece we make, and to understand that there is nothing appealing about ‘factory new’ is fundamental. Maybe not everyone has made this shift, but it is up to us to show them the way....
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METANoIA - Leather jackets are the bad boy of fashion -

Leather jackets are the bad boy of fashion

Worn by musicians and movie stars, bikies and punks, supermodels and subversives….no other item of clothing has ever come close to capturing the cool-factor of a leather jacket. Timeless, they are edgy in every era and always iconic - on screen, on stage, or simply on the street.
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